VPP Performance

CSIT 23.06 - VPP Performance #

    • Added tests for IP packet reassembly (using IPsec or GTPU).
    • Existing IPsec fastpath tests converted to apply optimizations also on inbound (previously only on outbound).

Known Issues #

These are issues that cause test failures or otherwise limit usefulness of CSIT testing.

New #

Any issue listed here may have been present also in a previous release, but was not detected/recognized/reported enough back then.

# JiraID Issue Description
1 CSIT-1892 3n-alt: two-band structure of ipsec and vxlan.
2 CSIT-1896 Depending on topology, l3fwd avoids dut-dut link.
3 CSIT-1901 3n-icx: negative ipackets on TB38 AVF 4c l2patch.
4 CSIT-1904 DPDK 23.03 testpmd startup fails on some testbeds.
5 CSIT-1906 Zero traffic with cx7 rdma. Cause not know yet, trending uses mlx5-core for cx7 and cx6.
6 VPP-2077 IP fragmentation: running_fragment_id is not thread safe. Causes reduced performance and failures in gtpu reassembly tests.
7 CSIT-1914 TRex does not produce latency data on ICE NICs.
8 CSIT-1915 2n-icx testbeds to not have the same performance
9 CSIT-1916 Poor CPU scaling on 2n-zn2 RDMA.
10 CSIT-1917 TRex STL performance is unstable at high pps due to unsent packets.
11 CSIT-1922 2n-tx2: af_xdp mrr failures.
12 CSIT-1923 3n-icx, 3n-snr: first few swasync scheduler tests timing out in runtime stat.
13 CSIT-1924 l3fwd error in 200Ge2P1Cx7Veat-Mlx5 test with 9000B.

Previous #

Issues reported in previous releases which still affect the current results.

# JiraID Issue Description
1 CSIT-1782 Multicore AVF tests are failing when trying to create interface. Frequency is reduced by CSIT workaround, but occasional failures do still happen.
2 CSIT-1785 NAT44ED tests failing to establish all TCP sessions. At least for max scale, in allotted time (limited by session 500s timeout) due to worse slow path performance than previously measured and calibrated for. CSIT removed the max scale NAT tests to avoid this issue.
3 CSIT-1795 Ocassionally not all DET44 sessions have been established: 4128767 != 4128768
4 CSIT-1800 All Geneve L3 mode scale tests (1024 tunnels) are failing.
5 CSIT-1801 9000B payload frames not forwarded over tunnels due to violating supported Max Frame Size (VxLAN, LISP, SRv6)
6 CSIT-1802 all testbeds: AF-XDP - NDR tests failing from time to time.
7 CSIT-1804 All testbeds: NDR tests failing from time to time.
8 CSIT-1808 All tests with 9000B payload frames not forwarded over memif interfaces.
9 CSIT-1809 All tests with 9000B payload frames not forwarded over vhost-user interfaces.
10 CSIT-1827 3n-icx, 3n-skx: all AVF crypto tests sporadically fail. 1518B with no traffic, IMIX with excessive packet loss
11 CSIT-1849 2n-skx, 2n-clx, 2n-icx: UDP 16m TPUT tests fail to create all sessions.
12 CSIT-1864 2n-clx: half of the packets lost on PDR tests.
13 CSIT-1881 2n-icx: NFV density tests ocassionally breaks VPP which fails to start.
14 CSIT-1883 3n-snr: All hwasync wireguard tests failing when trying to verify device.
15 CSIT-1884 2n-clx, 2n-icx: All NAT44DET NDR PDR IMIX over 1M sessions BIDIR tests failing to create enough sessions.
16 CSIT-1885 3n-icx: 9000b ip4 ip6 l2 NDRPDR AVF tests are failing to forward traffic.
17 CSIT-1886 3n-icx: Wireguard tests with 100 and more tunnels are failing PDR criteria.

Fixed #

Issues reported in previous releases which were fixed in this release:

# JiraID Issue Description
1 CSIT-1799 All NAT44-ED 16M sessions CPS scale tests fail while setting NAT44 address range.
2 CSIT-1890 3n-alt: Tests failing until 40Ge Interface comes up. The fix for CSIT-1848 was enough to prevent this from happening.
3 CSIT-1835 3n-icx: QUIC vppecho BPS tests failing on timeout when checking hoststack finished.
4 CSIT-1877 3n-tsh: all VM tests failing to boot VM. Fixed by increasing the timeout.

Root Cause Analysis for Regressions #

List of RCAs in CSIT 23.06 for VPP performance regressions.

Contrary to issues, these regressions do not limit usefulness of CSIT testing. So even if they are not fixed (e.g. when the regression is an expected consequence of added functionality), they will not be re-listed in the next release report.

# JiraID Issue Description
1 CSIT-1912 trending regression: l2scale around 2023-03-18.
2 CSIT-1918 summarize performance consequences of ipsec changes.
3 CSIT-1919 rls2306: find cause of wireguard regression.
4 CSIT-1920 find cause of zn2 mlx5 memif regression near 2023-04-11.
5 CSIT-1921 investigate two-band structure in SRv6.