QUIC/UDP/IP with vpp_echo

QUIC/UDP/IP with vpp_echo #

vpp_echo performance testing tool is a bespoke performance test application which utilizes the ’native HostStack APIs’ to verify performance and correct handling of connection/stream events with uni-directional and bi-directional streams of data.

Because iperf3 does not support the QUIC transport protocol, vpp_echo is used for measuring the maximum attainable goodput of the VPP Host Stack connection utilizing the QUIC transport protocol across two instances of VPP running on separate DUT nodes. The QUIC transport protocol supports multiple streams per connection and test cases utilize different combinations of QUIC connections and number of streams per connection.

The test configuration is as follows:

        DUT1               Network                DUT2
[ vpp_echo-client -> VPP1 ]=======[ VPP2 -> vpp_echo-server]


  1. vpp_echo server attaches to VPP2 and LISTENs on VPP2:TCP port 1234.
  2. vpp_echo client creates one or more connections to VPP1 and opens one or more stream per connection to VPP2:TCP port 1234.
  3. vpp_echo client transmits a uni-directional stream as fast as the VPP Host Stack allows to the vpp_echo server for the test duration.
  4. At the end of the test the vpp_echo client emits the goodput measurements for all streams and the sum of all streams.

Test cases include

  1. 1 QUIC Connection with 1 Stream
  2. 1 QUIC connection with 10 Streams
  3. 10 QUIC connetions with 1 Stream
  4. 10 QUIC connections with 10 Streams

with stream sizes to provide reasonable test durations. The VPP Host Stack QUIC transport is configured to utilize the picotls encryption library. In the future, tests utilizing addtional encryption algorithms will be added.