CSIT rls2306

CSIT-2306 Release Report #

The format of FD.io CSIT reports has now changed. It is no longer available in the static html format.

Instead current CSIT release information can be found in csit.fd.io. Previous CSIT releases are also linked from there.

CSIT-2306 Release Notes #

CSIT-2306 Release Data #

To access CSIT-2306 Release data please use following web resources:

  • CSIT Per Release Performance
    • CSIT Release > rls2306
    • DUT > vpp
    • DUT Version > 23.06-release
    • Infra > testbed-nic-driver of choice
    • Area > IPv4 Routing IPv4 Tunnels IPv6 Routing Hoststack
    • Test > test of chioce
    • Frame Size > 64B 78B
    • Number of Cores > 1C 2C 4C
    • Test Type > MRR NDR PDR
  • CSIT Per Release Comparisons for VPP v23.06 vs v23.02
      • DUT > vpp
      • CSIT and DUT version > rls2306-23.02-release
      • Infra > testbed-nic-driver of choice
      • Frame Size > 64B 78B
      • Number of Cores > 1C 2C 4C
      • Measurement > Latency MRR NDR PDR
      • Parameter > Release and Version
      • Value > rls2306-23.06-release
  • CSIT Per Release Coverage Data
    • CSIT Release > rls2306

CSIT-2306 Selected Performance Tests #

CSIT-2306 VPP v23.06 Performance Tests:

CSIT-2306 Selected Performance Comparisons #

Comparisons 23.06 vs 23.02

CSIT-2306 Selected Performance Coverage Data #

CSIT-2306 VPP v23.06 coverage data

Further Information #

For further information including instructions how to access the needed information with user selectable options, please refer to csit.fd.io documentation.