Documentation Structure #

  1. OVERVIEW: General introduction to CSIT Performance Dashboard and CSIT itself.
    • C-Dash: The design and the structure of C-Dash dashboard.
    • CSIT: The design of the FD.io CSIT system, and the description of the test scenarios, test naming and test tags.
    • Overview: Terminology, per-thread resources, multi-core speedup, VPP forwarding modes and DUT state considerations.
    • Measurement: Data plane throughput, packet latency and the telemetry.
    • Test: Methodology of all tests used in CSIT.
    • Trending: A high-level design of a system for continuous performance measuring, trending and change detection for FD.io VPP SW data plane (and other performance tests run within CSIT sub-project).
    • Per-patch Testing: A methodology similar to trending analysis is used for comparing performance before a DUT code change is merged.
  3. RELEASE NOTES: Performance tests executed in physical FD.io testbeds.
    • CSIT rls2306: The release notes of the current CSIT release.
    • Previous: Archived release notes for the past releases.
    • FD.io DC Vexxhost Inventory: Physical testbeds location.
    • FD.io DC Testbed Specifications: Specification of the physical testbed infrastructure.
    • FD.io DC Testbed Configuration: Configuration of the physical testbed infrastructure.
    • FD.io CSIT Testbed Versioning: CSIT test environment versioning to track modifications of the test environment.
    • FD.io CSIT Logical Topologies: CSIT performance tests are executed on physical testbeds. Based on the packet path thru server SUTs, three distinct logical topology types are used for VPP DUT data plane testing.
    • VPP Startup Settings: List of common settings applied to all tests and test dependent settings.
    • TRex Traffic Generator: Usage of TRex traffic generator and its traffic modes, profiles etc.