VPP Performance

CSIT 23.02 - VPP Performance #

    • Enhanced and added VPP hoststack tests to daily and weekly trending including: Quic VPP Echo, UDP+TCP LD_PRELOAD iPerf3, LD_PRELOAD NGINX.
    • Added Nvidia/Mellanox DPDK tests to daily and weekly trending and report, in addition to RDMA_CORE ones that were already there.
    • Jumbo frames tests got fixed and re-added number of to report coverage tests.
    • Intel Xeon SKX performance testbeds got decommissioned and removed from FD.io performance lab.
    • CSIT test environment version has not changed from ver. 11 used in previous release, see Environment Versioning.
    • CSIT PAPI optimizations for scale got applied improving PAPI programming speed especially for large scale tests. VAT has been now completely deprecated from CSIT.
    • General Code Housekeeping: Ongoing code optimizations and bug fixes.

Known Issues #

Editing Note: below listed known issues need to be updated to reflect the current state as tracked on CSIT TestFailuresTracking wiki.

New #

# JiraID Issue Description
1 CSIT-1890 3n-alt: Tests failing until 40Ge Interface comes up.

Previous #

Issues reported in previous releases which still affect the current results.

# JiraID Issue Description
1 CSIT-1782 Multicore AVF tests are failing when trying to create interface. Frequency is reduced by CSIT workaround, but occasional failures do still happen.
2 CSIT-1785 VPP-1972 NAT44ED tests failing to establish all TCP sessions. At least for max scale, in allotted time (limited by session 500s timeout) due to worse slow path performance than previously measured and calibrated for. CSIT removed the max scale NAT tests to avoid this issue.
3 CSIT-1799 All NAT44-ED 16M sessions CPS scale tests fail while setting NAT44 address range.
4 CSIT-1800 All Geneve L3 mode scale tests (1024 tunnels) are failing.
5 CSIT-1801 9000B payload frames not forwarded over tunnels due to violating supported Max Frame Size (VxLAN, LISP,
6 CSIT-1802 all testbeds: AF-XDP - NDR tests failing from time to time.
7 CSIT-1804 All testbeds: NDR tests failing from time to time.
8 CSIT-1808 All tests with 9000B payload frames not forwarded over memif interfaces.
9 CSIT-1827 3n-icx, 3n-skx: all AVF crypto tests sporadically fail. 1518B with no traffic, IMIX with excessive
10 CSIT-1835 3n-icx: QUIC vppecho BPS tests failing on timeout when checking hoststack finished.
11 CSIT-1849 2n-skx, 2n-clx, 2n-icx: UDP 16m TPUT tests fail to create all sessions.
12 CSIT-1864 2n-clx: half of the packets lost on PDR tests.
13 CSIT-1877 3n-tsh: all VM tests failing to boot VM.
14 CSIT-1883 3n-snr: All hwasync wireguard tests failing when trying to verify device.
15 CSIT-1884 2n-clx, 2n-icx: All NAT44DET NDR PDR IMIX over 1M sessions BIDIR tests failing to create enough sessions.
16 CSIT-1885 3n-icx: 9000b ip4 ip6 l2 NDRPDR AVF tests are failing to forward traffic.
17 CSIT-1886 3n-icx: Wireguard tests with 100 and more tunnels are failing PDR criteria.

Fixed #

Issues reported in previous releases which were fixed in this release:

# JiraID Issue Description
1 CSIT-1868 2n-clx: ALL ldpreload-nginx tests fails when trying to start nginx.
2 CSIT-1871 3n-snr: 25GE interface between SUT and TG/TRex goes down randomly.

Root Cause Analysis for Performance Changes #

List of RCAs in CSIT 23.02 for VPP performance changes:

# JiraID Issue Description
1 CSIT-1887 rls2210 RCA: ASTF tests TRex upgrade decreased TRex performance. NAT results not affected, except on Denverton due to interference from VPP-2010.
2 CSIT-1888 rls2210 RCA: testbed differences, especially for ipsec. Not caused by VPP code nor CSIT code. Most probable cause is clang-14 behavior.
3 CSIT-1889 rls2210 RCA: policy-outbound-nocrypto. When VPP added spd fast path matching (Gerrit 36097), it decreased MRR of the corresponding tests, at least on 3-alt.